“My art comes from within, it just flows”

Aravind was born and raised in Pondicherry, a French colony in the south of India. As a professional freelance photographer Aravind has a very unique relationship with his work and art, from the age of 13 he had the urge to express this into web design and photography. He describes that his art comes natural, and it is a meditative practice. “My art and design comes from within, it just flows” A man of many skills Aravind’s background is computer science but his real passion and preference lays with photography and design. Aravind has won many prizes for web design and photography throughout his whole education and in collage became an inspiration to both students and professors. Aravind’s inspiration grows from Mother Nature, using his camera everywhere he travels to capture the beauty of the world using the lights and colours that she serves us daily. Aravind’s work has been exhibited in many events and his photos have been published in various Indian magazine publications. Aravind believes that photography is an art of seeing the world in a way, which is uniquely yours.

“Life is not only for ourselves, but it is to share and help the world”

When asked in school “what do you wish to be when you grow up? Aravind always had a vision of travelling the world, this was his dream that he would constantly fantasize about. With the burning desire to see the world, Aravind quit his job as a graphic designer to fulfill his true path and passion. With just his camera and laptop Aravind had a strong vision to share and give love to the world! Whilst travelling he used his skills of web design and photography as a form of trade in order to travel and sustain living. Within each country and local community he soon came to realise it was so much more than travelling, he had now become a citizen of the world and wanted to spread love in everyway as much as he could living with local communities and becoming a family across the world. Aravind believes life is not only for ourselves but to help with world in whatever way you can.

“Home is wherever I am standing”

Aravind grew up within a spiritual home and he knew from a young age he wanted to share this into the world, he now has deepened his spiritual practice whilst travelling using meditation and yoga. From living in communities and working with various yoga and meditation retreats across Thailand, Aravind has lead many Vipassanna meditations throughout yoga schools.

Aravind’s connection with his photography and spirituality is really special, known for his nomadic lifestyle he wishes to continue his practice of travelling and sharing across the world for he believes “Home is wherever I am standing”