Anchanzen Yoga shop

Type of work

Graphic design / Logo / Branding / Print design

 Client requirements: 

Client needs a brand logo with butterfly pea tea color

I designed logo with simple vector shapes. these shapes represent ‘A’ in other way it also represent growth step by step. along with logo i also created business cards,stickers, labels and marketing elements for facebook. Anchan means according to Thai culture & folklore, butterfly pea flowers are squeezed to make Anchan tea, and as a coloring for Thai desserts in blue and purple colors. AnchanZen Yoga shop offers a curated blend of divine treats for Mind, Body & Soul. It’s a fulfilling experience with a lot of fair-trade products ranging from Yoga Products, Meditation accessories, self development books, Ayurvedic products, Natural Skincare and Divine Jewelries. We are here to support you at every step of your Yoga journey. We believe that the more one gives, the more one receives. So be proud that your shopping is contributing towards creating a Conscious Shopping community where we support local shops and charity causes in Thailand.

Live Yoga, Live Happy!

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